Computer tomography scan of the jaws, temporomandibular joints and pneumatic space


Orthopantomogram (OPG) - panoramic exposure of two jaws


OPTG panoramic exposure
High-quality 250 uah
High-quality EDS(server storage) 300 uah
For children under 14 (Mendeleeva.3) from 14 to 17 hours 200 uah
Computer tomogram of 2 jaws
High-quality check prices by phone
High-quality EDS(server storage) check prices by phone
Computed tomography of 1 jaw
High-quality check prices by phone
High-quality EDS(server storage) check prices by phone
Paranasal sinuses
High-quality 500 uah
High-quality EDS(server storage) 600 uah
Computed tomogram of temporomandibular joints
High-quality 500 uah
High-quality EDS(server storage) 600 uah
Teleroentgenogram TRG (Mendeleeva.3)
High-quality 300 uah
High-quality EDS(server storage) 400 uah

About Us

3dental is a safe, modern and high-precision diagnosis of your teeth and face.

Nowadays, a computed tomography scan is the most effective survey technique, it is impossible to make a correct diagnosis and assign an effective treatment without it.

We are the only ones to offer the “dental photo protocol” service, being the worldwide standard for the quality design of your smile.

More than 5 years of experience, a guarantee and the opportunity to consult with leading country shadow gazers allow us to make your treatment easy by taking care of your health.

Our advantages for customers:

Diagnostics without queues

We are located as comfortable as possible so that the survey takes no more than 20 minutes


Exclusively the safest and most cost-effective tomographs with a minimum radiation dose are used.


Regular training conferences for doctors

Our advantages for partners:

We offer:
  • Individual diagnostic centers not related to dentistry
  • High quality of research with a low radiation dose
  • The possibility of training using both EZ3d and iCAT programs - an individual training center
  • The ability to decipher the examination by a high-class radiologist
per year
of patient confidence

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Questions - Answers

The primary role is given to x-ray radiograph when making a diagnosis in dentistry. Nowadays, the usual aiming or panoramic image transmits the image only in 2 planes, but a CT scan allows you to see the dentofacial system in all 3 projections. This allows the doctor both to make an absolutely accurate diagnosis and develop the most effective plan of medical procedures.

Modern computer tomographs of our centers give us an opportunity to reduce the radiation dose to a minimum. Radial dose can be compared with the flight by plane. That is, such exposure without harm to health allows you to make 14 computer tomogram of two jaws or 50 orthopantomogram per year.

No special training is needed. The procedure is both absolutely painless (like photographing) and quick. You must put off the chains and earrings before the procedure, occupying a special place near the CT scanner, the sensor makes a turn around your head, receiving more than 200 photos from different angles and projections. Then the computer processes the data and you receive a disk or a snapshot of your teeth within 5-15 minutes.

A three-dimensional image allows us to define:

• the presence or absence of carious cavities in the teeth
• fit of restorations, artificial crowns and other fixed structures
• quality of root canal filling
• periodontal state, its presence or absence, as well as the size of inflammatory tissue (cysts and granulomas) in the bone tissue around the teeth’ roots
• periodontal state (bone tissue level, periodontal “pocket” size)
• the possibility of teeth’ implantation (bone volume, the location of anatomically important structures
– maxillary sinuses, mandibular canal)
• jaw bone tissue state (structure, presence of exterior bodies, neoplasms, bone defects)
• maxillary sinuses state (the presence of inflammation, cysts, polyps, exterior bodies, etc.)

3D-tomography allows specialists and our patients to go through life with the times! It gives physicians the opportunity to get both complete and accurate information as quickly as possible, which will help to make an optimal treatment plan in a timely and correct manner, reducing any medical errors to zero. Nowadays, each of our patients can go through a complete and extremely thorough diagnosis of their dental health safely and completely harmlessly.